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Hello and welcome to my website, thanks for visiting! My name is Veda, I'm a 20 year old trans woman living in Canada, I like programming, and I'm in my second year of university right now. This is my blog to talk about random projects, stuff I'm interested in, social stuff, queer culture related stuff, and anything else I want to! Feel free to reach out, preferably on discord or email, for any reason, but I get a lot of spam on discord so if you add me there I'd appriciate if you sent a message request so I know you know who I am. If you're curious, feel free to dig around this blog's source code here..

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New Blog


Hi! It's been a while, but honestly, that's because this has been kind of a rough year for me, but I'm ok! Plus things are settling down now, so I'm going to try to post more content here. But, the other thing I want to address before using this more is that the website it self isn't great. I wasn't the best at web dev back when I made this, and while I'm still not great, I have a feeling I can put together something that is quite a bit better.

Published Dec 15 '23 • Last Edit Dec 15 '23 • 6 Views



So a few days ago a friend of mine was talking about how dead MySpace is now, and mentioned off-hand a little site by the name of SpaceHey. So of course being me the very first thing I did was made an account. At first this was mostly a joke, but pretty soon I discovered that it was actually a very cool place.

Published Mar 11 '22 • Last Edit Mar 11 '22 • 149 Views

Blog Update


Hello! You might have noticed the lack of posts until recently with a few more back-to-back, this is not without reason, so let me explain.

Published Feb 22 '22 • Last Edit Dec 22 '22 • 65 Views




Quite a long time ago now I saw a mini video documentary about Vocaloid, and specifically Hatsune Miku, a virtual singer popular enough in Japan to have real-life concerts. This absolutely blew my mind, I mean think about it: technology was able to create a singer out of thin air, and people liked it so much that they figured out how to do a concert where the singer wasn't a real person.

Published Feb 7 '22 • Last Edit Feb 22 '22 • 37 Views

Houston: a Health Check Service


Houston, we have a problem

...or not. Houston is my self-hosted and open source health check service. Why? Well recently I changed the setup for my server and while I was thinking about how to make it as nice and fancy as possible, thinking about stuff like how to make things have nice interfaces and such, I decided that some central service that could alert me to failures in other services would be very helpful.

Published Feb 7 '22 • Last Edit Feb 7 '22 • 45 Views

Developing my Website


So this is the first post to this blog... I hope it works. Well actually I have tested it quite extensively so I don't think it will break and everything is being backed up too so it should be fine no matter what.

Published Nov 3 '21 • Last Edit Nov 17 '21 • 127 Views