New Blog


Hi! It's been a while, but honestly, that's because this has been kind of a rough year for me, but I'm ok! Plus things are settling down now, so I'm going to try to post more content here. But, the other thing I want to address before using this more is that the website it self isn't great. I wasn't the best at web dev back when I made this, and while I'm still not great, I have a feeling I can put together something that is quite a bit better. In particular the editor for new blog posts (that only I can see), really sucks, which is admittedly part of the reason I've been posting so infrequently. So I'm starting working on a new blog, but I'm not gonna get into any technical details here. What I will get into is what I plan on putting on the blog. First off, shorter content, mostly one or two paragraph posts and a little bit more casual in nature. Like I mentioned before, I also intend on more personal / social-oriented posts, but I also have some technical posts planned, which I will (hopefully) actually finish.