Blog Update


Hello! You might have noticed the lack of posts until recently with a few more back-to-back, this is not without reason, so let me explain.

Originally I was going to write about software, computers and maybe touch on subjects such as politics, but I ended up really wanting to write about myself and about people and social interactions in general (which I did a little bit in my recent Vocaloid post, actually), but then I was a bit to shy to untick the hidden box. But I decided to start as of today that I'm going to actually start publish these things that I've been writing and hope for the best.

So that's pretty much the new direction that I'm going to be going with this (at least until I get the time and motivation to write about one of my projects, I've started a few posts that I just need to finish). This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop trying to write about software projects, just that I'm going to be a lot more focused on social things from now on.

One more thing! So if you've made it this far I think that means that you're interested enough in what I have to say that I can share some of the posts that I haven't made public yet:

And if you are interested in strictly computers and such here are a list of (very much WIP) articles:

again, these are very sparse and definitely WIP.